10 ways to be happy

A few days ago, on an evening like any other I had a sudden realisation that I was wasting away my life. I was afraid of depression creeping in around the corner, gnawing its dirty fingers at me with a wretched smile that wanted to suck out all the happiness from me. Yes, I’m over dramatic, and I almost visualised dementors trying to envelop me in their cold embrace. (brrrr)

What did I want from life? I asked myself. Well nothing and everything came the prompt reply. I had many reasons to be happy and found many reasons to be unhappy. I found ways to phase out and to hibernate in a cocoon of despair. Is that how a happy person would act, I kept asking myself, was I happy?

Happiness is a very subjective term; it has different meanings for everyone. For me being happy was a state of bliss, and serenity. I wanted a sense of calmness, which could be achieved by being alone with my thoughts, and compartmentalise them. But I wasn’t able to avail such a luxury of ‘free time’ as most of my time was devoted to work and getting settled in my new family. Moreover, I felt that time was just slipping away especially in UAE. Hour’s just wind by into days, and months just get over in the blink of an eye, and we are almost close to another year.

I started a ‘Happy days project’ (mentally of course). And it has helped me profoundly. Happiness is an elusive goal; everyone seems to want it, but if it were so easy the whole world would have been a happy place. It’s not possible to be happy 24/7.And I decided to find happiness/ peace of mind within my “crazy schedule”. Here are ten of the best ones I found.


Don’t roll your eyes yet.
Exercising releases good mood endorphins, which is why you are always in a better mood after a workout.
Exercise has such a profound effect on our happiness and well being that it’s actually been proven to be an effective strategy for overcoming depression. You don’t have to be depressed to gain benefit from exercise, though. It can help you to relax, increase your brainpower and even improve your body image, even if you don’t lose any weight. People who exercised felt better about their bodies, even when they saw no physical changes.

You don’t have to now grunt about working out. There are a few desk exercises, which you could do right at your workplace and feel good. Even a brisk walk to the supermarket does wonders.

I practice Yoga on a daily basis, and it has been instrumental in changing my mood from ughh to yay.

A better way to release endorphins is the popular Feng Fu method. It calls for placing an ice cube on the nape of your neck and letting it melt away for 20 minutes or till the ice cube melts away.

Practice Positivity

Practice positivity by being genuinely grateful for all the things that you have. Positive thinking raises energy levels, creativity and productivity. Our thoughts are very powerful .At times negative thoughts are so overwhelming, that we forget to focus on the good things around us.
Feeling and thinking about the things you are grateful for as you wake up is a great way to build more happiness. Practicing gratitude has been proven to increase happiness. There are lots of ways to practice gratitude, from keeping a journal of things you’re grateful for, sharing three good things that happen each day with a friend or your partner, and going out of your way to show gratitude when others help you. Practicing gratitude also helps you to be live in the present, and to focus and pay full attention, accepting it in a non-judgmental manner.
Focus on the present moment means that you can savor touch, smell and other physical sensations but also happy feelings. Concentrate on the joy they are giving you. It is really effective in forgetting about the past and fretting about future, fearful scenarios.
Help others

I’m an ardent believer of Karma. Yes, Karma is a bitch and it will definitely bite you in the ass. I know we sometimes feel like we give and give and get nothing in return. But hey, it’s in the giving, and doing it unselfishly, that we find true happiness.
Give freely from the depth of your heart. Help a friend in need. Help a child in your sphere. Help an organization. Help the homeless in the street. What ever your cause, help and set yourself free. Give without expecting the sky to open up and clap for you. And you will be blessed when you least expect it.
Helping others does not always mean you need to spend money; you can also spend your time (for example via volunteering).
Focus on the life you want to live

“The heart goes where the head takes it, and neither cares much about the whereabouts of the feet.”- Dr. Daniel Gilbert.
We often talk about winning the lottery and where we would go and above all what we would buy. We might even talk about giving to charity. But we never or rarely talk about what our state of mind would be and how much happier and carefree we would be. This is why focusing on priorities to get the life you want to live is so important.
Yes, you are your own steering wheel, your compass, and the principal of your life. Don’t sit back and expect others to solve your problem. Don’t sit back and wait for your boss to offer you another position.
Also, remember, you are entitled to live happily. If you need to meditate one hour a day, take a walk when the sun is out, or exercise in the morning to be happy, do it. You are allowed. Find out what you need and do it.

Buy some happiness

Our basic psychological needs include feeling loved and secure. Money doesn’t automatically fill these requirements, but it sure can help. Look for ways to spend money to stay in closer contact with your family and friends; to promote your health; to work more efficiently; to eliminate sources of irritation and marital conflict; to support important causes; and to have enlarging experiences. A vacation with loved ones or buying tickets to a show or concert will make you happier than buying another gadget. It will also create more memorable and pleasant experiences that belong to you.
Lets splurge on experiences than on things.

Spend time with friends and family

It’s very important to have a support system around, as it alleviates pain, and helps us forget our worries. We may not necessarily have them around us physically owing to being in different places. But technology is such that it has made the world a much better and smaller place.
Staying in touch with family and friends is upper important, and having a support system around is very essential.

 Spend time outdoors

Hiding away cushioned in your blanket and slouched on the bed isn’t the best way to feel happy. Going outdoors and spending more time in fresh air does more good to your entire body, both physically, emotionally and mentally.

Getting closer with nature, devoid of your cell phones would help increase happiness. Its likely that more contact on social media makes you want to compare your lives with others, thus making you more vulnerable leaving you with a feeling of emptiness.

Practice smiling – it can alleviate pain

Smiling itself can make us feel better, but it’s more effective when we back it up with positive thoughts, Smiling makes us feel good which also increases our attention, flexibility and our ability to think holistically. A smile is also a good way to alleviate some of the pain we feel in troubling circumstances.

Smiling is one way to reduce the distress caused by an upsetting situation. Even forcing a smile when we don’t feel like it is enough to lift our mood slightly.


Meditation is often touted as an important habit for improving focus, clarity and attention span, as well as helping to keep you calm. It turns out it’s also useful for improving your happiness.Meditation literally clears your mind and calms you down; it’s been often proven to be the single most effective way to live a happier life.
Minutes right after meditating, we experience feelings of calm and contentment, as well as heightened awareness and empathy. And, research even shows that regular meditation can permanently rewire the brain to raise levels of happiness.

Don’t forget your beauty sleep

What’s the use of working tirelessly if you cannot sleep peacefully, right? We all know how important it is to get quality sleep. Sleep helps repair our body, and good uninterrupted sleep leads to a more productive and happier day.We spend roughly one third of our lives sleeping, so you cannot underestimate the importance of sleep for the quality of our lives.

Sleep deprivation cause emotional problems, anger, irritation which all leads to wrecking havoc in our lives and of those around us. So lets ensure we sleep away to happiness.

Happy people don't sit around waiting for good vibes to happen to them.Whatever makes them happy, they go for it.

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