10 Best things about having Sisters.

Sisters are undoubtedly the best companions you can ever ask for. Growing up with them is a mix of horror and happiness, however it’s all worth it, when you reminisce through memories. For me, the bond was strengthened over time. But its one of the best relations I am blessed with. Sisters make the journey easier. This post is dedicated to my sisters, for being the best and also for never ceasing to be a pain in the ass!
 She keeps you grounded.

She has seen you through good, bad and ugly. She has seen you at your weirdest and lowest phases of life, but never judged you. No one knows your true self like she does. So if you ever veer away from your true self, you can have her to steer you back to reality and yourself. Even though she knows when you're bullshitting and where the frills have been added to the story, she would never give you away.

Special bond

The bond you share with your sisters can seem to be totally bizarre and crazy to someone else, but the bond you share is one that only you would truly understand. You could be your true self with her, and act silly in public without a care in the world. She would always be your ally in dealing with your parents. Together, you could pull the most hilarious pranks. No one would understand ‘inside jokes’ like you would. You could project your anger onto her, and be rest assured that by the time the battle ensues, everything will be back to normal. Who else understands your crazy family like you do!


You can expect her to be brutally honest about everything in your life, from your friends to your job , your marriage, your clothes, shoes make-up etc. She has your best interests at heart and will always guide you to better yourself. When you are uncertain about a fashion fad, or an item of clothing she will always be there to tell you if it will remain at the back of your closet forever. She's the one person you can always count on for unfiltered advice and honesty, even if she's way too blunt about it sometimes. 

My  sister was always right about people around me. Sisters can spot a rotten friend from day one, and will have absolutely no problem telling you about it. She ensures you get the message time and again, as most of us tend to not listen. And when her ‘prophecy’ turns out to be true, you can always expect an ‘I told you so’
Knight in shining armour

She will always be your 'Knight in shining armour',protecting you whenever the need arises. She would always be ready to help you out at any time of the day. Be it parents, friends, relatives, no one can cause you any harm with her around. And she gives the absolute best hugs ensuring you safety in her embrace.

 From cooking hacks to life issues, to everything under the sun, she will always have an advice for you. She might not always have the best solution when you're in a bind, but she's always there to offer one. Her advice would be insightful as she has your best interests at heart. Even if her advice turns faulty, you always have something to tease her for the rest of your lives
Secret Keeper

Your sister is your ‘human Pandora box’ . She knows things about you that no one would ever know, and she will keep it that way. Embarrassing childhood tales will be kept a secret for eternity.

Always be there

She's the only person you can have a huge fight with and never even doubt for a second whether she'll still be there at the end of the day. She's a constant source of love, encouragement and honesty. Whatever happens in your life, she'll always have your back. She may tease you mercilessly, but she'll protect you. She would show off your achievements to the world proudly. No matter what , through thick or thin she will always be there
Infinite wardrobe choices

Her closet is your closet as simple as that. You can stealthily raid her closet when you have nothing to wear. And you can put it back like nothing ever happened, even though she always knows and complains about it  You may think you own your belongings, but really you only half-own your belongings. You will never run out of wardrobe choices if you have a sister.
Role model 

You can watch her make mistakes and learn not to do the same things. She prepped you on the dire process of applying to colleges so you had a sense of what it would be like when it was your turn. She taught you how to be confident. She was never afraid to be herself, and proved that you shouldn’t be either. She taught you everything you know. You actually liked receiving her hand-me-downs because you secretly always thought she was cooler than you. Her life was always open to you when she entered different phases of life, ensuring you that you would also do just fine.

P: S -  This has been the most difficult post yet. To collate all the positives of having sisters in 10 is a difficult task.
Also how could I not mention having the best partners in crime  - your brother in laws, who pamper you, care for you and ensure you are always safe.

Feel free to add more and share it with your sisters!.

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