10 signs that you have been friends from over a decade

It’s a pretty lucky thing to have a friend that outlasts those awkward years of growing up, drama, adulthood, marriage etc . No matter what the situation, you will always find them supporting you through every success, failure, and all of those random boring nights.

Your best friends know you inside out and can almost write an epic book about the things you have gone through.

Most conversations begin with ‘remember that time when..’ and most often it is something you wouldn't want the world to know, I'm positive that you would agree with my list.


 You have special nicknames for each other and obviously for everyone else

You have the same frenemies, and obviously need to talk about them in codes only you would know. Whether code names for your crush or naming your least favorite teachers, the ludicrous lexicon you’ve perfected for communicating with each other leaves people around you shaking their heads in bafflement.Your nicknames for each other are so ingrained that even your parents end up calling you by that name!

You’ve been each other’s therapists

You start to recognize the patterns in each others behavior. When you need a good slap in the face or great big bear hug, they are always there. if you are going down the same road again they will warn you knowing you will take it anyway, and will be ready with tissues. 

You understand why they’re being a grump some days and you've learned to decipher their indecipherable whining. When they do start to become a grouch, you know that it’s likely because they haven’t eaten all day and they should probably take a nap while they’re at it.

You have your own ‘songs'

You both have weird songs/parodies based on a bizzare incident and still sing it to each other. Nothing says continuity like bouncing your best friend’s newborn on your knee to the tune of “your special song”. Hell yea!
You can’t go public with any news without telling each other first

You’re pregnant. You got a new job. You changed your hair color. However miniscule or mind-blowingly awesome, if you dare as much as tweet about it before telling each other first, there will be Hell to pay.
You have a “the day we met” story

You’re lucky if you manage to tell it all the way through, because you’re usually laughing too hysterically by the end to finish your sentences. Or you both would have different versions of ‘how you met’ because clearly you guys cannot remember those details from a decade, or can you!
You’ve actually made a pact to be best friends forever

No matter how long you've been apart from each other, you can pick up as if you were never gone.As agonizing as those few days/months/years were apart, you keep up with each others lives so easily it’s as if you're never apart. You can sit in silence in the same room for hours and randomly make noises to communicate or comment on something just to hear their inevitable agreement.You know each other so well, there’s no need to try to keep a conversation going, only reminders that you’re still alive from across the world.
You've shared so many secrets that at this point, breaking up would be a liability

You just have too much classified information about each other. Certain are such that might scar your friends new friends for life. Besides, you need someone to publish your masterpiece hidden deep inside your computer when you die. Either way, there are some things you just don’t need falling into the wrong hands or ears.
You have no problem giving each other unsolicited advice

Because, let’s face it, it matters what your friend has to say about your new outfit, makeup, shoes, boyfriend. They would be blunt and give you exactly what to need to hear. Whether it’s picking up your life, or ending/improving your relations.
You grieve over the loss of each other’s family pets as if they were your own

When your friendship lasts longer than the life of the average dog or cat, this is unavoidable, and when you get the call from your best friend, you let them cry, and cry along with them, because you remember all the moments whether good or bad that you had with their pets.
You have absolutely no boundaries

You hold hands, you walk arm in arm, you undress in front of each other, you cuddle. You've slept in the same bed and used the bathroom together so many times that you guys are basically becoming the same person.  You have shared Hairbrushes, clothes, make-up, email passwords, there’s literally no limit to how much you guys share. You probably even buy new things keeping in mind if your best friend would like it or not

Personal space? What personal space?

'A best friend is someone who can make you laugh, when you thought you could never smile'

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