10 alternative uses of Vodka

Vodka is one of the most popular drinks around the world, owing to its neutral smell and the fact that it mixes well with tons of other alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. This post is not a ‘Go drink Vodka’ post. There are many different uses for vodka that you might not be aware of? We’re not talking about different ways to mix cocktails with it, but actual useful ways in which it can help you around the home.
Following are the 10 legitimate ways to use vodka that go beyond mere consumption.

 Treat a toothache

When you start having a toothache, pour SOME vodka on a small cotton ball and put it on the gums above the sore tooth. After a while it should begin alleviating some of the pain. 

Hair rinse

Give your hair a shot of Vodka!.Vodka can help de-frizz hair and make locks shiny, healthy and dandruff free. Mix a shot glass of vodka with a glass of water and use it to rinse out your hair after washing it using your normal shampoo and conditioner. Mixing in a bit of vodka with your hair conditioner will result in a mixture with a lower ph value, which will help keep your hair frizz-free and shiny if you apply it once a week.

Use it as a mouthwash

Vodka is quite neutral tasting, but it is also a great disinfectant and good for killing odors. You can combine vodka with some water to create a refreshing mouthwash. Let it rest for a week before you use it.

Ice pack

Mixing a glass of vodka with the water that you pour into a freezer bag will lower the entire concoctions freezing temperature, leaving you with a very cold “ice pack” that is flexible and can be moulded to fit the body.

Repel bugs

Vodka is actually an effective bug repellent. You just pour some vodka into a spray bottle, add a bit of lavender essential oil to give it a nice scent, and then spray it all over your body.

Preserve flowers and Jewellery

If vodka can help you find love then it can also help you preserve it – or atleast symbols of it. Add a few drops of Vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water in the vase. It should keep your flowers fresh longer. Change out the mixture with fresh ingredients daily.

If your jewels are looking dingy, try soaking them in vodka for five minutes, and then rinsing them with water.

Cure smelly armpits and feet

A dab of vodka under the armpits or a few squirts of it from a spray bottle on the feet will be enough to kill the bad odors and make you feel fresh. it can also be applied to your gym sneakers to neutralize odours.


The key ingredient in most aftershaves is actually alcohol – it is what is used to disinfect the face and soothe it, preventing inflammation. Vodka has a good balance when it comes to alcohol content and will work wonders for your face.

Clean razor 

The main reason why razors become dull so quickly is because small amounts of hair, water and shaving cream are left on the blades after each use. If you clean the blade properly and leave it to soak in a glass of vodka, it won’t be eaten up by acid or rust and will be completely disinfected for your next use.


The problem with dark clothes is that the colour will fade in time, and the discolouration might happen in some places and not in others. To help protect your clothes from this, you’ll only need to spray some vodka on them. You won’t smell like a bar, as the smell evaporates quickly. You can add some lavender or some other essential oil to make the clothes smell great as well.



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