10 things you should say goodbye to in 2016

Every year begins with memories, expectations, relations, better understanding and a commitment towards growth and excellence. No matter what resolutions you may have for the coming year, it's important to leave the following behind:


When we speak of addiction, we speak not only of the known toxic substances but of the often ignored toxic world that includes addiction for your phone,  laptop, or social media, or anything you are voraciously obsessed with (candy crush anyone?). 

Spend more time with nature, with family, with people whom you cherish, and teach yourself that too much of anything will eventually suffocate you.


Bid goodbye to people who made you feel low, who never called back, who didn't miss you as much as you did. People who just promised verbally to be there, who made excuses to not be a part of your world. Bid them goodbye. Your world should comprise of people who make you feel better, positive and who help you grow as an individual.


Stop pressurizing yourself to meet someone else's expectation of what you should be! Stop seeing only your flaws, when you look in the mirror. It's time to get a mirror, which see's how amazing you are as a person and the things you have achieved and accomplished.


Tell the voices in your head to take a trip far away from you. Ask positive encouraging voices to take abode in your head. Let them guide you and make everyday, one filled with sunshine!


Bid adieu to memories that make you weak, to moments that you are not proud of. Remember we are all human beings living a beautiful experience. Live, enjoy and be the experience.


Let go of promises you didn't keep, or from people whom you expected. As long as you understand that timing is everything and all good things take time.


Say goodbye to the self-doubt and the negativity that accompanied some moments last year. It might not be the happy ending you wanted, just realize that you still have a lot more to look forward to, and it could possibly be the happy beginning you didn’t see coming.


Let all the times you cried be a memory that makes you stronger. Give yourself a pat on the back, for making through tough times. Sooner or later the finish line you desire of will be visible. You have been strong and you are stronger and are inching closer to your goals.


Let go of the times you have been immature, or out of line. Remember that these are the moments that remind you, that you are not perfect and that you are a beautiful work in progress. Take it as a humbling experience and move on to a better you.


Always remember Man proposes and God disposes. Let go of all the regrets about the trip you did not take, or the city you never went to, or the wedding you missed, or the opportunities that passed you by. Not everything will go as planned and you don’t have to carry the guilt with you everywhere. Let that be a reminder that no matter how hard we try, we will not always be in control, and that there is a bigger force above us all who has something beautiful planned for us!

Stay happy, blessed and positive. 

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Tinu Menachery

Tinu Menachery is a restless soul. She loves trying new things that don't involve water, as her hydrophobic self is yet to overcome her fear. She loves talking, and can speak for hours together. Drop a mail, if you want her to talk about a particular topic. We all have 'blank mind' days don't we?

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