10 Easy steps to loose weight

"Healthy Habits" can last for a couple of weeks and are out of the window even before you realize, pushing you back to your regular schedule. Loosing weight in a busy, tight schedule is definitely impossible but not difficult. However , before trying to shed those extra kilos, lets focus on "what to do before loosing weight". Yes you read that right. Loosing those excess badass kilos needs a bit of preparation. Who has gone into a battle unprepared and has won ever?. Oh yes, loosing , toning sculpting is a process that requires a bit of preparation.

Lets me take you through my Top 10 Ways to take on those badass kilos hugging onto your frame.

1) Your Body is different.

 SIMPLE, and obviously YOU know that, don't you? Or Do you? . STOP COMPARING. Yes the absolute thing that we can never stop doing irrespective of what we gain. You need to know your body, its limits, how much you can stretch your body initially,etc. Do not look over at someone with a "perfect body" and shrug and say "Oh, I cannot do that much" or "That will never be me". Every one has a story , and so do YOU. Write your own story on your page, not by taking a leaf from someone else's life.

2) Know your Body

Following on point 1. Knowing your body is important. Do you have any physical conditions that will restrain you from doing certain types of work out. Do you have an underlying condition that makes loosing weight almost "World War 3" ?. Conditions like PCOD, Thyroid etc can make you put on weight with the slightest of food intake. So its very important to determine the cause of YOUR weight Issue. Family History of obesity, Post pregnancy weight, Lack of time, pure Boredom, getting comfortably warm with the flab. You get the gist right?.

3)Do not be a VICTIM

Just because a particular Gym/diet have bombarded you with promises of loosing x amount of weight in x amount of time, YOU don't have to fall prey to it. Yes, its basically their job to lure us with promises of fast weight loss, not its side effects. I'm not saying working out/dieting is bad . Its worth the effort. But you need to know what suits your body. Just because everyone at your gym does cardio for 20 minutes and then goes for rigorous weight training, doesn't necessarily mean the same will work for you. You need to understand what works for your Body.

4) Check Options for weight loss

GYM isn't the only place you need to sweat it out. You could choose a workout based on your interest  - Swimming for water babies, outdoor games likes Tennis, badminton etc. Cycling, yoga, brisk walking, jogging ,dancing, running, weight training in the comfort of your own home - the options are endless.

5) Timing your schedule

You might be a person who barely has time to breathe, leave alone  time for a workout right?. You shook your head , did you not? . Here is what I want you to do - take those awesome 7 days of the week. Can you find 15 mins for yourself in a week? Yes? That's not much to ask for yourself is it? Now if you have 15 minutes, lets leave out gymming , but you can always walk for 15 minutes. Don't go looking for a place to walk. Just walk to and fro below your building.

For those who are able to get more than 15 minutes a week , you know the options are endless. One day a week is doable, isn't it?

6) Don't Crazy Diet

Yes you heard me right!. Don't go on a "I wont have sweets" or " I will stop eating this and that". It doesn't work , even you know that. Here is what I want you to try. If you are taking two spoonful's of rice and eating it faster than the speed of light. STOP.  YES I'm aware we all have timed lunch breaks, breakfasts are almost never there. So you could try with dinner, or with a meal on weekend, OK? . Lets take it slow here. Here is a quick fix to eat JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of food. Eat slowly , chew your food.Not that slow. what I'm saying is "enjoy your food and taste what you put in your mouth" . Do this once a week.

The reason behind this is that when we tend to chew our food properly we tend to fill up faster . YES.  Easy and very effective. Start with once a week and see how you feel.

7) How much WATER

That question has being doing the rounds forever, and coffee/tea/ processed Juice isn't accounted for. That would have been so much easier now, wouldn't it? Here is what you do, weigh yourself and divide that by 2. So if you weigh 60, you gotta drink 3 litres of water. That replenishes your system keeps you more active and energetic. So if you are one of those who find it difficult to drink water, keep a litre of water around you. so every time you see it, you feel guilty and atleast take a sip. You don't have to be a champion and drink it all in one go, its brilliant if you do, be sure that you have a washroom nearby, you know. Start small. keep motivating yourself. Even reminders are a great way to well remind you to drink water.

P:S - Do not place reminders during office hours especially if you are not allowed to carry your phone and you little Rebel did it!

8) Have a realistic goal

Just because someone you Idolize or someone you know got a 6 pack or wash board abs, or lost 20 kgs in a week , you need not aim similar . Do not set goals that demotivate you. Lets start with realistic figures here. First of all Know how tall you are and what is your ideal weight graph. Usually its a 10 kg graph. For eg, if you are 5'8" you need to ideally weigh anything from 55-64 kilos. Check Google to get a proper idea. Once you have figured that out. Aim at an achievable target say 2-3 kilos in two months.

9) Prepare to stop Weighing yourself.

YES. that's correct. Stop stepping onto that dreaded monster that shows you numbers. Once you start your workout regime, you will have a steady change for 3 months and then you start developing your body according to what you eat and your choice of workout. Now some people loose weight in Kilos and some others in inches. So Stepping onto the machine every week is not a great idea. If you are still constant you might just want to quit. Its basic human tendency to get results faster. SO STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF once you start working out.

10) Have a Support System

A support system is very important. It can be your spouse your parents, siblings, friends , or even an imaginary friend (yea that's creepy). ANYONE who supports you, has loads of patience, loves to hear you battle with Mr.Badass flab. That Person is who you need. Incase if the above are not available,keep a diary and chronicle your achievement. If writing isn't your thing , find out an app that will help you just right.

Try these Simple Tips and add your own too and see the difference.

P;S - LAUGH , It burns a lot of calories too :)

Tinu Menachery

Tinu Menachery is a restless soul. She loves trying new things that don't involve water, as her hydrophobic self is yet to overcome her fear. She loves talking, and can speak for hours together. Drop a mail, if you want her to talk about a particular topic. We all have 'blank mind' days don't we?

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