10 things you should have in your purse

Hello, I’m Hermione and I did an undetectable extension charm on my purse.

You will find everything and anything tucked neatly and organized in my purse. I like to be prepared and literally shove everything I can in my purse. My bag is like my best friend who holds all my secrets with her dear life.

Apart from essentials, like wallet, keys I have listed down 10 essentials that you SHOULD have in

Safety Pins/mini sewing kit

I have an endless supply of safety pins, they are an absolute life saver. If you pop a seam or a button, or even if you necklace clasp suddenly breaks, this tiny little magic saver will ease all of your troubles away in a jiffy.


Bad breath is an absolute turnoff in any given situation. Imagine talking to your crush post having a tuna salad! Save yourself any embarrassment and keep this one in your bag at all times.

Notebook and pen

My mind races off at 120 kmph while travelling and that is when it gives me all those ideas. Initially I thought I would remember all of them. But little goldfish was wrong. A small notebook even a post-it and a pen is essential to write down ideas or thoughts or phone numbers at a moment’s notice.


There is nothing more attractive about a woman than hygiene. One thing that can help with that is a small pack of tissues that you can stick in your bag. You never want to be without one of these if you feel a sneeze coming on. Spare napkins can go a long way, and cover a number of unfortunate situations: a bad spell of allergies, a spilled drink at the bar, or even an exasperatingly hot day that leads to unpleasant amounts of body sweat. Another option: baby wipes, for particularly sweltering days or extra-pesky stains.

Band Aid

Band-Aids will save your heels from painful new shoes. You can also use them to hide a nail with chipped polish. 


I can’t imagine anything worse than needing a tampon and not having one. And even if you don’t need it, you might run into someone who does. (Because girls help girls!)


Deodorant/ perfumes are a lifesaver during long and busy days. Imagine running around those hot summer days and feeling self-conscious about your body odor. Keep a deodorant/ roll on perfume handy and smell awesome all day through


Winters always tend to dry out my skin, leaving it patchy and ashy especially on my knees, legs and of course chapped lips! Vaseline is something that handles all of these at once. It acts as an amazing moisturizer and heals chapped lips in a jiffy.

Hair items

A hair tie, head band, bobby pins always come in handy when you need to throw up your hair and get to work.


Healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, power bar will always work like magic in those days when you are stuck in traffic, or are upset. Rather stay healthy that walk to McD. And always remember, nobody likes anyone when they’re hangry.

Tinu Menachery

Tinu Menachery is a restless soul. She loves trying new things that don't involve water, as her hydrophobic self is yet to overcome her fear. She loves talking, and can speak for hours together. Drop a mail, if you want her to talk about a particular topic. We all have 'blank mind' days don't we?

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