10 reasons why bunnies make great pets

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t intend or dissuade other pet owners/ those planning of getting a pet.

I have been a  dog person for the longest time ever (and possibly will always be). They melt me from the insides and make me all gooey . A major reason for my infinite love towards dogs is cause of my baby girl, who is in doggy heaven right now, possibly barking at bird shaped clouds. I never ever thought that my love for dogs can ever be replaced by another animal – and more importantly a bunny!.

It was a pleasant surprise for my family when I told them we got ourselves a bunny. Honestly I was surprised myself. But the moment we held him, we just knew he was going to be a part of our little world.
If you are looking for a pet and confused what to get, you might as well try and get a bunny, I can give you a bazillion reasons for it, but let’s start with 10.

     They are CUTE
Everything about them is C.U.T.E. They are these cute fuzzy fur balls with those adorable cutesy eyes and have you seen their nose (melt alert), the way they eat, drink, stretch, yawn and even while they clean themselves is CUTENESS overload. 

Spoiler Alert: Bunnies don’t love being picked, and they won’t give in easy when picked. I’m training my baby to accept being smothered (it works on some days and most often it backfires).

    They are quiet
Especially if you live in an apartment building or have nearby neighbors, animal sounds can be a big concern. Generally, though, rabbits make little to no noise. The fact that bunnies are so quiet is also great if you’re a light sleeper and your rabbit decides he’s really a night owl. I have only heard him grunt twice in the past 9 months. (Yep, they are quiet).

     Bunnies  bond closely with their owners
Similar to dogs, rabbits bond very closely with their owners. Rabbits get to know them by their voice, and sight and will show them how excited they are to see them. You need to observe their patterns to notice their excitement. Rabbits have distinct personalities, hence not all rabbits behave similarly.

Not only that, they are absolutely great with kids!

     Bunnies have distinct personalities
           People who have never had a rabbit as a pet don’t realize that rabbits actually have very              distinct personalities. Bunnies can be sweet, friendly, sassy, energetic, goofy and a little              bit of everything. You’ll be surprised at how much personality, attitude and spunk your                    bunny will have!Just like more traditional pets, some bunnies are rambunctious and                      playful, while others may be more shy and reserved. 

            Bunnies need less space
                  If space is a concern, and you are looking for a cuddly fuzzy cute pet who doesn’t need               to be walked, a bunny may just be the right fit. As long as they get a few hours running                 outside their cage, they would do just fine.

                  Rabbits are long-lived
Pet rabbits, when housed indoors and cared for properly, can live eight to 12 years or even longer. Small-breed rabbits can easily live into their teens when they are well taken care of. Long life span is an attraction for many people looking for small non-cat/non-dog pets, because most other small mammals kept as pets, such as hamsters, gerbils, rats and even guinea pigs, often don’t live as long. In general, rabbits housed indoors live longer than rabbits housed outdoors because they are not subject to attack from predators, overheating, frostbite, and certain infections carried by other animals or found in soil, and other injuries. 

But having said so, it’s imperative to ensure that the rabbit is taken care of, fed and watered and not manhandled till its 4 months old.

They come in all shapes, sizes and colors
Given that there are more than 50 recognized rabbit breeds that vary both in size and in coat color, length and texture, there is a bunny breed for everyone. There are fuzzy, fuzzier and fuzziest of them.

Clean pets
Without some litterbox training, bunnies will poop frequently and often all over; however, they are generally clean animals. When given clean, dry, paper-based bedding in their cages to absorb urine and a place to defecate in the corner, they can easily be litterbox-trained and will generally keep themselves very clean with frequent grooming. Owners can help keep their bunnies clean by brushing them a few times a week.

     They want to play when you do.
      Bunnies are “crepuscular”, meaning that they’re most active in the mornings and                     evenings.  That means bunnies are the most playful in the evenings when you get home         from work!

      Bunnies are entertaining

Have you ever seen a bunny binky? It’s not only amazing, it’s ahhhhhhdwarable too. Bunnies are intelligent; they can learn tricks and play games (provided you have the patience and time). They are super cute and an absolute entertainment package.

Bunnies make wonderful companions. They will make you smile when you’re down, they will listen when you need to talk, and they’ll snuggle you when you need a friend.  Who knows? You may even get a few kisses! (cute warm kisses)

Whatever reasons you have, bringing a bunny into your home can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. I’m thoroughly enjoying every day with my baby boy and hope this post helps you too, if you are looking at getting a bunny.
Image Courtesy: PIXABAY

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