10 Signs he is a Keeper

Many a times, girls tend to judge their “perfect man” with the superficial things he does for her. Forgetting that in the long run, a ‘Keeper’ is more than just expensive gifts and fancy dinners. A truly amazing relationship is about more than just the kinds of presents you get or what your boyfriend chooses to do with his life. Here are 10 signs your boyfriend is a keeper

He celebrates your success

A man worth keeping is secure in himself and will support your success. He will praise your efforts and be there to lend an ear when you fall. He will share in your joys and be there to help pick you up. Your success will be about you, not about him.

He will encourage you to be the best. He lifts you up when you're down, he has your back during difficult situations and he pushes you to do what's right for you. He's happy for you when you're successful and he doesn't feel jealous if you have more than him. He brags about your achievements. He roots for the success of your ventures. More than anything, we all want a partner that we feel safe with.

 He will always be there

It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s convenient for him, if you need his help he’s just there. You don’t have to spell it out for him or even tell him you want him there. He offers to help without you asking. If he is willing to go out of his way to help you, without you having to ask, you'll know he truly cares about you. You'll be able to count on him as a true partner. He'll offer to forego the big game on TV to come change your flat tire or get you chicken soup if you're sick. He'll publicly take your side if you are in conflict with others, but also gently and privately tell you if he thinks you're not acting in your own best interests. If you say you want couples counseling, he'll go willingly. Even before you ask if he can, he offers to pick you up and drop you back! It’s never an inconvenience spending a little extra time with you – even if that means driving down in the exact opposite direction!

         He does the little things

A man who cares will pay attention to all the little things that make you happy, and he’ll use them to bring you two closer. This could be as simple as bringing you a new phone case to replace your broken one or working to fix your slow computer. The important thing here is that love doesn’t always require over-the-top fairytale gestures because romance often comes down to the little things. The one who remembers events like birthdays, interviews, anniversaries or any other important milestone is someone who cares about your life and personal growth.This type of guy is really rooting for your success and happiness.

He takes care of you when you’re sick

He’ll give you a nice massage if you’re sore, bring you some soup when you have the flu and just randomly bring you your favorite food if you’ve had a super stressful day. He wants to make sure you have everything you need when you’re feeling blue! When he wakes up on a cold night, he pulls the blankets snug around your shoulders. He offers you a taste from the best part of his meal. He saves you the last bite of dessert. He puts down his electronics and listens without over-reacting even when you are crabby, hormonal or flipping out and then he gives you a hug.

 He shares your values 

It's easy to miss the subtle signs that your guy might be a keeper, so start with your values and think about how someone's actions might reflect those values. If he’s led to be a missionary in South Asia and you feel strongly about being a lawyer in Boston, well then that probably isn’t a match made in heaven. If your number one goal to serve the Lord anywhere he asks, and your date’s top priority is being with family, you are going to hit some rough patches. It doesn’t mean that God’s can change his priorities, or call you to the mission field with him, but it does need to be prayerfully considered.

 He makes you laugh

Sense of humor is important in a relationship If a guy can make you laugh, that means he can also make you feel happy, put a smile on your face and cheer you up when you're sad. Plus, it's fun to giggle and be silly together! Those ridiculous moments are some of the best moments. If you aren't able to laugh about the dramas that arise with your life partner, things are going to be extremely boring.

 He Is Consistent and Reliable

One of the biggest signs that you are with a good guy is that he's reliable. There are a lot of guys out there who are super great for a few weeks and then they get in a "mood" and they're kind of off for a little while. If you never know what to expect from your boyfriend, that's not good. But if you can always count on him to be there for you, to cheer you up and to have your back, that's great! If you always know that he'll make it a point to show up, he'll call you back and he'll go through with what he says, he's a great boyfriend. he'll work with you to figure out what's best for the both of you

 He's Open With You

It can be hard for some guys to open up about their emotions, but when a guy does, It means he trusts you, values your opinion and wants you to know the most intimate things about him. He is comfortable being himself around. He doesn't pretend to be perfect. A guy who can show you his flaws means he can accept yours. A man who is willing to make himself vulnerable and act honestly with you is the one who is a definite keeper.

 You make him want to be a better person

He might already be great, but if he loves you, he’ll want to be better. This is motivated by his impulse to be attractive to you and pave a promising path for a potential future. On an instinctual level, he’s protective of you and will work hard to make himself a more impressive mate to secure the relationship. He will go out of his way to make you feel special. He may cook you dinner, sacrifice a guys’ night, or sing your praises to his friends. No matter how he chooses to express it, you’ll always feel incredibly awesome around him. Feeling good in your relationship is the easiest sign you’re with a keeper.

  He cares about your feelings

Actions speak louder than words. If he says he cares, but it seldom shows in his actions, you know he is not worth the effort. If he cares, he would show it through his actions and gestures. There are many men out there who pretend to care, but there are very few who actually care. He would take a keen interest in the happenings of you day. He genuinely wants to be caught up on your life since you last spoke, because he really wants to know about the things that are important to you.
He knows how to say, "I was wrong" and "I am sorry." He says you're beautiful even without makeup, or first thing in the morning. He will talk until 2 a.m. if you need to so you don't go to bed upset or feeling alone.
If your man shows all or most of these signs, you can be certain that you’re with a real keeper. And when you’ve got one, hold onto him and don’t throw him back into the sea

                           Remember, to get a keeper, you’ve got to be a keeper. 

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