10 Bizarre beauty rituals

Vanity, thy name is woman. Over the years, the fairer sex has tried some pretty insane things to keep themselves looking foxy, but the ten beauty treatments in this article really push the envelope. How far would you go for beauty and youthfulness? Is it worth smothering your face with bird poop or soaking your hair with bull semen? Travel along as we take you around the world to look at 10 of the most unique, bizarre, fun and strange spa treatments offered today.

P: S - I feel like Dean Cain taking you through a wild “believe it or not".

Bull Semen

Popularly known as “Viagra for hair”. It’s a combination of organically produced bull's semen combined with the root of protein-rich plant katera. This is massaged into one’s hair to moisturize and repair your hair.

Nightingale Poop

Popularly known as Geisha facial. Many celebrities including Victoria Beckham have endorsed it. This unique treatment stems from Japan and involves drying bird droppings under UV lights then mixing with rice bran and water and applying as a face mask, producing fresh and glowing skin

Pigs trotters

This unorthodox anti-aging fad began in Japan and quickly spread to New York. It involves the physical consumption of collagen-rich pig's feet to banish wrinkles and ensure smooth, youthful skin.
"Collagen helps your body retain moisture," explains Himi Okajima, the owner of a chain of restaurants specializing in collagen cuisine in Japan. "Your hair and skin will look better, but it's not just for looking beautiful now. If you begin eating collagen in your thirties, you will look younger in your forties."

Bee Venom

Move away Botox,, cause we have the natural and organic answer. Honeybee venom is the latest all-natural ingredient in expensive facemasks and creams. Peptides like melittin and apamin increase blood circulation and stimulate collagen and elastin. But bee venom may have a more important use—nanoparticles carrying mellitin have killed HIV-infected cells in mice, while leaving normal cells unscathed

Human Urine

Most of us have a relationship of absolute necessity with our urine, one flush and its gone. There is however a dedicated group who have exalted urine to a pedestal of greatness. They claim that urine, and the “best one” being the one taken midstream first thing is the morning owing to it being induced with hormones overnight treats a number of ailments like multiple sclerosis, and even cancer. It is excellent for cleaning the skin, eczema and acne. It can be applied topically or consumed orally for best results. Cheers mate

Fire Facial

Unusual beauty treatments are big in Japan. The latest to spread like wildfire (no pun intended) is the fire treatments. Towels are soaked in alcohol and an invigorating beauty elixir, draped over parts of the body, and then set on fire. Proponents believe that it helps invigorate and revitalize skin cells, as well as battling colds and flu, but open flame and human bodies typically aren't good neighbors.

Snake massage

Does the idea of venomous snakes crawling all over you relieve stress? For me it induces stress levels higher than the Himalayas. The snakes’ rhythmic movements are thought to be highly therapeutic. After surviving a face full of snakes, routine treatments like waxing will never faze you again.

Hay baths

Itch yourself to weight loss may not be a catchy jingle, however wrapping yourself in hay soaked in hot water infused with herbs was/is a rage. The treatment is alleged to stimulate weigh loss after around 8-10 sessions. Patience is definitely a virtue eh?

Crocodile dung baths

Many different animal products and by products have claimed to work wonders on the skin. But this one takes is on another level altogether. Ancient Greeks and Romans used a very ‘special ingredient’ in their mud baths which gave them a very youthful appearance – crocodile excrement. I can imagine crocodiles having a hearty laugh. Now I know where  “ you smell like shit” may have originated from

Snail secretion

A number of different beauty products use snail serum, which also goes by the name of Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates (almost like a joint spell, isn’t it)

An organic, natural ingredient is gathered from live snails. Its powerful biological properties claim to relieve skin conditions such as acne, as well as reducing wrinkles and improving dull complexions. (Go snails)

If that doesn’t sound bizarre enough, you could opt for snail massages. After an initial cleansing by an aesthetician, live snails apply moisturizing hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and proteins by crawling all over your face. But don't worry.
In the Chiang Mai province, where beauticians place live snails on faces and guide their slithering to leave trails of slime in problem areas. The animals produce the fluids -- known scientifically as glycoconjugates -- when they're under stress, and contain antioxidants and other nutrients. Whether your face can actually absorb any of that stuff from animals sliding around on it is still up for debate.

The snails come from an organic farm.

You look fantastic. What's your possibly horrifying secret?

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