10 things to know before getting tattooed

Planning on getting a Tattoo is one of the coolest decisions ever. Getting a Tattoo done is definitely a Bold decision, since you will be with your decision for the rest of your life .It is understandably an intimidating decision , nevertheless. However if its done correctly it's going to be one of your best decisions ever. I wanted a Tattoo since I was 16, however I got it done only in my mid twenties. It involved chickening out (Fear of needles being a primary factor) , procrastinating on it , not being able to decide on what or where and a lot of other excuses. However, when I finally got it done , I was beyond excited and happy.

I truly understand when People reiterate that a Tattoo is a statement or an expression of art form. It is a form of art you carry with you everywhere. You do not remove and keep it away. Its a part of your living and existence. Its a spiritual connect as interpreted by myself.

Its very and I mean VERY Important to Research your Tattoo before getting one. I hope these pointers will help you as it has helped me, before getting Inked.

1) Decide on what you want on your Body

Deciding on a Tattoo can take years (like mine) or minutes (drunk bets). Either ways its an Art that is going to be on YOUR body forever. So its very important to know what you want to get. Do not get a Tattoo, because your friends are getting one, get it because you want one. Be very sure if you want to Tattoo the name of your beloved , ensure he/she is going to be around forever and is worth the pain. Sleep on it. Take time , think before getting a tattoo, commit to it and then head on to check a good Tattoo Artist.

2) Research your Tattoo

Don't just Google "cute tattoos"  " girl tattoos" etc and just get one done. Research. You dont want your tattoo to be like everyone else, and also you need a tattoo you wouldn't regret doing. A Symbol that has shaped your life or something that describes you , your transformation will always be great reminders. If you are getting it in another language, ensure its the correct phrase in that language , and not just some write up on the internet. Double check it with credential sources. Start Small, give your body the chance to get used to the tattoo before you go for a big one.

3)Where to get your first tattoo

Your Body is an endless canvas. Be sure to be mindful of where you are getting  your first tattoo. I always wanted a tattoo on the nape of my neck, as it wasn't something that was going to be visible to everyone.The options are endless - Hands, wrist, finger , arm, legs, waist , back etc.

4) Choose your Artist Wisely

Cheap Tattoos are not good and Good tattoos don't come cheap. Be sure to be comfortable with your artist. Go to his studio , talk to him/her. Ask questions regarding Pre and Post tattoo care. Go through his portfolio. If you chance upon meeting his clients , go upto them and politely ask about their experiences and get comfortable with the place and surroundings.

5) Ask Questions

Ask as many questions as you want , its your body that you are giving as a canvas. So be sure to ask and clear off all your doubts. Ask about ointments, needles, level of pain . See a rough copy of your tattoo before committing to it. Make necessary changes . Do not do it immediately if you feel nervous. Excuse yourself and come back some other time. 

P;S - Its alright to be a Nervous Wreck.

6) Bring a Visual Aid

You need to know what you are going to get on your body. So carry a hard copy with you. If you are completely happy with the design and want no further changes to it. Hold your ground and ensure that your art is not manipulated with . Its your choice, stick to it. 

7) Stay Calm

I was a 'Nervous Chicken Ball' when I decided to get inked. I was panicky and sweaty and was sure I was sure I wasn't getting it done. I was even prepared to RUN, literally. I was shaking all over , so my Tattoo artist assured me that he would stop if I felt any pain or dizziness (owing to  my dramatic self), and that calmed me and well I got a Tattoo

8) Do not Go ALONE

The best advice my Tattoo artist gave me was to bring along company. Had it not been for my girls, I would have run away like a frightened chicken. My Tattoo Artist said he would stop if I felt any pain , however we were so engrossed in our Conversation (some call it Gossip) , that I felt no Pain whatsoever.

9) Be prepared

Just like you Prep before examinations, be prepared for a Tattoo too. Before a Tattoo session , get a good night sleep, eat a good meal and NEVER go in drunk or on a Hangover. Carry chocolates or a mango based drink or non aerated drink to keep sipping at. Mentally prepare yourself to embrace pain. If you are going with your friends , chances are you wont feel the pain at all.

10) Post Care.

I was given an antiseptic cream to be applied on my tattoo every 2-3 hours for the next 2 weeks. And was to not wet that area for 2 weeks. Pre and Post care is very important for your tattoo. Its been around two years and I still do apply petroleum jelly to my tattoo occasionally (As instructed by my Tattoo Artist). Do not hesitate to go in for a Re touch at all incase you feel something just isn't right.

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I hope these basic pointers have helped you in deciding on your Tattoo. Go Tattoo Away.

P;S - I was so excited after my first Tattoo, that I already decided on my second ;)

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A glimpse of my Tattoo (Totally worth the wait)

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