10 ways to make your wife feel special

Every woman loves attention and care from her man. When she feels appreciated she puts in more effort to nurture and care for the relationship. There are so many ways you could make her feel special. Here are a couple of them, simple yet effective

Make her feel loved

Hold her hand in public. Women tend to have a greater need for physical touch outside the bedroom than men do. Holding her hand in public, or putting your arm around her waist makes her feel loved. Show affection in public in front of your family/friends (if she is ok with it); Whisper something loving in her ear when you’re in public. A woman’s need for affection is a daily desire; they can be easily met through hugs and caresses. Hug her often, hold her when she cries. When she feels you value her she will be delighted more often, and work harder on her end of the relationship and her responsibilities.

Surprise her

Every woman yearns for surprise. She would appreciate the small things you do. Take her on a moon light walk.  Compliment her and listen well.  Hold her hand.  Stop once in a while just to kiss her. Have a bouquet of flowers delivered to her at an unexpected time, along with a love note. Hug her from behind when she is standing at the sink or changing table. Pick her up off her feet and swing her around once in a while. Dance with her when there is no music.  Send a text message during the day. Give your wife a gift when she least expects it, even if it’s something small. 


Being Chivalrous is the best thing you could keep doing for her. Open doors for her. Never go through a door first, or leave her behind you when you go somewhere. Notice when she has her arms full and help her with them.


When she asks you about your day, give her details and not just ‘it was fine’. With so much technology, long workdays, etc., we seldom have time for conversation. Your marriage will be strengthened if you take the time to actually talk to your wife every day. Communication should happen throughout the day without any interruptions (no kids, phones, electronics, etc.). Replay back to her what you think she said – especially if she tells you she is upset about something . Ask her how her day went and really listen, asking questions. Ask her what she thinks – and really consider it, especially when it comes to relationships and kids.  She sees, hears, and picks up on subtle cues more than you do.

Quality time

Express a need to spend more time with her. Ask your wife out on a date or set time aside to do something she wants to do. Reaching for her hand while taking a walk is another way to let her know that spending time together is a priority for you. Remind your wife that you are there for her whenever it’s needed. No matter how busy you are, tell your wife that you will always make time to listen and to comfort her. Find something that you enjoy together, it could be a movie marathon or reading together. Find ways to laugh together.

Appreciate her

Appreciating her can go a long way. Saying thank you is one of the most wonderful ways to show gratitude. Ensure her that she is a wonderful spouse and mother. Let her know verbally that she is special and important.  Tell your wife that she completes you. This will help strengthen the bond of your marriage. Plus, it will show your wife how important she is to you. Gently but firmly stand up for her with your kids. Don’t criticise her in front of the kids 

Compliment her

Women don’t always feel attractive, which makes it important for you to tell your wife that she still turns your head. Compliment her on her smile or how beautiful she is. Make her feel beautiful with simple gestures.

Encourage her

Remind your wife of her unique talents and gifts she has been blessed with If she has a hobby, get her a little gift that supports it.  Proudly display her talents in front of the world. Tell your wife that you are proud of her. It is a wonderful way to lift her spirit and to help nurture her self-confidence. If she is working out or trying to eat right and exercise, make sure you tell her how proud of her you are and how hard you know it is
Make her feel loved

Let her know how much she means to you. There is no greater way to express your love than actuallysaying the words. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow may be too late. Say, “I love you” today. Those three words when said genuinely can make so much of a positive difference to your relationship, and her specially.

As simple as that

Take care of the garbage It's always your turn to take out the garbage — no questions asked. Lock the doors and turn out the lights your spouse will feel safe and protected.


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